Personally wedding stylist - Copenhagen

Bridal Styling

Your wedding day will be the greatest and most memorable day of your life and you want your dress to be perfect, more than that, you want everything to be perfect, your shoes, your jewellery, dresses of your bridesmaids, and of course the outfit for your future husband’s as well.

Did you know that we recommend that you tryout your dream wedding dress 6-8 month before your wedding. We do this because some manufacturers can take up to 5 Monty about sewing a new wedding dress. Then there is often the preparation of a tailor who must also be remembered in your schedule.

The 6-8 mobth is og cause just meant as a guideline that provides tranquility in the stomach and plenty of time to find the dream dress. We always have the store full of beautiful dresses, whether you come 2 years or 7 days before the wedding.

Some Like it classic, some like it Scandinavian